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Govt Employees Application Submission

To apply for pro bono assistance, please copy the questions below into an email with your responses to each and send to We will forward requests for pro se assistance to our volunteer attorneys.

If you have an upcoming deadline, please ensure that you have at least 14 days before the deadline to allow the attorneys to review your case. If your deadline for Petition for Review filing has passed, you will not be eligible for the program unless you have a compelling reason for missing the deadline.

Please be aware that there can be no guarantees of pro bono representation. If circumstances permit volunteer attorneys to consider your dispute, they will contact you directly. Do not forward, fax or email any documents to the Association. Any discussions and decisions related to undertaking an attorney/client relationship will be solely between you and the attorney.

We always encourage those who contact us to reach out to local (e.g., state) bar associations with employment law sections and/or pro bono programs. It is prudent to move ahead in many ways and not rely on any one source.

We hope this information is helpful.

Personal information

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Street Address2:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Daytime Phone Number:
Agency Name:
Household Income:
Number of People in Household:
Military Service:

Case Information

Do you have now, or have had, the assistance of counsel with respect to this matter?
MSPB Appeal?
Date of MSPB Appeal:
Docket number of the MSPB appeal (e.g. DC-0752-11-9999-I-1):
MSPB Initial Decision?
Date of MSPB Initial Decision:
Final Order From MSPB?
Date of Final Order:
Briefly tell us about your case such as what you are appealing and why you are appealing it:
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