About the Reviewed Adjudicators Digest

The Reviewed Adjudicators Digest is a monthly review of matters in the administrative tribunals. This publication covers the following matters of interest:

  • Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • International Trade Commission
  • Court of Federal Claims
  • Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
  • Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
  • Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Submissions for Publication in the Reviewed Adjudicators Digest

You must be a current member of the association to submit for publication in the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s (FCBAs) “Reviewed Adjudicators Digest.” Submission for publication grants a license to the FCBA to publish and republish the submission. Publication is at the discretion of the FCBA. Please follow these guidelines in your submissions:

A case abstract submission includes a case abstract in Microsoft “Word” or a format that can be converted to Word, and also a PDF copy of the decision. Send submissions as attachments to an email to
Case abstract format should be as follows: In one single line, include the case caption; the court’s case or docket number and optionally paper number; a parenthetical containing the court’s abbreviated name and date of decision. Optionally include another parenthetical naming the judges joining each opinion in the decision, and the status of that opinion, such as concurring, dissenting, etc. In the line below the case caption, list authors names and affiliations.

Example of case citation and authorship format:
General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. v. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, IPR2016-01357 (PTAB 3/22/2017) (Expanded panel decision by APJ McShane, joined by Chief APJ Ruschke, Vice-Chief APJ Boalick, and APJs Lee, Zecher, Giannetti, and Bisk)
Abstract Authors: Jon Doe and Jane Doe, Affiliation1 & Affiliation2

If you are a member of the Association, please email Jeremy Atkinson at to request the document / recording you are looking for.

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