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COVID 19 Updates - CDC

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An Important Time-Sensitive Call for Ideas: The Circuit Community and COVID-19

The Circuit community is unique. Its members are leaders. They include the most informed and leading edge thinkers in pharma, life science, biotech, high tech, innovation, patent, contract, trade, and other areas. They include both industry and the legal profession. More than ever, now is a time to draw on that excellence and those insights.

We are issuing an important Call for Ideas on how the Association and its members may help, and help others, to address evolving COVID-19 challenges. Please send your suggestions to Include your name, organization, and contact information. Key among the Association’s strengths are its networking fabrics. Although not all ideas may be feasible, the networking fabrics themselves are an extraordinary force.

Send your ideas – now. Be safe and healthy. Best wishes to you, your families and colleagues from all in the Association family.

COVID-19 Heroes

In extraordinary times, the extraordinary character and strength of human nature blooms. Listed here are governmental, community, non-profit, and private organizations identified by FCBA members as having made a significant difference in the communities of those members. Here, the community expresses its sincere thanks to each of you and to all of those listed. Please send your nominations to

Nurses and Doctors
First Responders
BB&T (Truist)
Center for Disease Control
Department of Defense
District of Columbia Government
George Washington University Hospital
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Johnson & Johnson
New England Journal of Medicine

Small Business Administration
Whole Foods
Walgreens Pharmacy
Pizza Hut
Little Caesars
Shake Shack
Firehook Bakery


Other Informative Links


Foley Coronavirus Resource Center

Providing food, shelter and clothing to the homeless during COVID-19
Urban Ministries of Durham, Inc.


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