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Many generous contributions support the Fund's outreaches.  Thank you for your support.  Click here to contribute.


2014 State of the Court Address
Circuit Judge Alan Lourie presented the State of the Court Address at the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s Bench & Bar Conference on June 19, 2014. Click here to read his complete remarks.

Report on the Judiciary
Each year, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States issues a Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary. You can find the most recent report, which was issued on December 31, 2014, here.

Membership in the FCBA
The Association can help you stay informed about the latest precedent from the Federal Circuit, trends in the development of the law, as well as other court-related information. Your membership will provide you with the Journal's insightful articles, case summaries, the Newsletter's updates,
and materials from past conferences as well as discounts to events and complimentary webcast attendance. For more information on benefits, please go here.


AIA PTO Pro Bono Program
The Association is pleased to announce its new national and regional pro bono outreach in the patent community. In these roles, the FCBA advances its commitment to supporting pro bono and to encouraging innovation. Interested unrepresented inventors and attorneys will find this outreach to include significant new opportunities. For more details, click here.

State of Patent Litigation
The September 27, 2011 Eastern District of Texas Bench and Bar highlighted areas deserving of attention in approving trial court patent litigation. Remarks of then Chief Judge Randall Rader can be found here. Chief Judge Rader cited six important areas of focus for both Bench and Bar consideration and improvement, including the problem of excess e-discovery. A potential "Model Order on E-Discovery in Patent Cases" can be found here. More recent discussions have explored stakeholder collaboration on case management, including limiting claims and prior art, developing jury instructions, and establishing reasonable limits on e-discovery.  A possible model order "Limiting Excess Patent Claims and Prior Art” can be found here. These proposals encourage an on-going dialogue within the Federal Circuit litigation community.

FCBA Jury Instructions
Important!  The Association patent jury instructions have recently been revised as of May 2014.  Offering a comprehensive resource and structured in "plain English", judges and lawyers will find these instructions key resources and ready for tailoring to the particular case.  The instructions are available in pdf format here, with the changes from the previous version visible here.

FCBA Jury Instructions Suggestions
The 2014 FCBA Model Patent Jury Instructions provide a revised instruction on willful infringement See Section B.3 Infringement (3.8 Willful Infringement.)  The revisions were prompted by excellent suggestions from our readers.  Please submit comments using this form.


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