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Welcome to the Federal Circuit Bar Association

Welcome to the Federal Circuit Bar Association, a network crossing the regional, national, and global Federal Circuit community. Facilitated by the Federal Circuit Bar Association Charitable & Educational Fund, members have access to the most unique and comprehensive set of opportunities available in the Federal Circuit community.

The Association’s benefits and resources provide our members opportunity to join many different administrative and substantive committees, access and contribute to the Association’s publications, engage in pro bono activities, collaborate with other bar associations and law schools, and attend webcasts and receive CLE credits (in applicable states). Members have the benefit to attend the Association’s live programs at a reduced registration rate, including at our renowned Annual Bench & Bar Conference.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017 All Day

The program has two sessions, one in Munich, Germany and the other in Washington, DC. The sessions are highly interactive so the participants gain maximum benefit from their contact with the faculty. The sessions discuss fundamentals of the US and European patent systems, but also go deeper through open, off the record discussion with judges and senior agency members.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017 1:00 PM

The Defend Trade Secrets Act provides trade secret owners with important new tools and reasons to place greater reliance on trade secrets. Does the DTSA affect the choice between trade secret and patent protection? What are the pros and cons of each or both? Does the DTSA affect what one should disclose and claim in a patent application? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to combining counts for trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement? This webinar will cover those and other issues concerning the interplay between the DTSA and patent law.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 8:45 AM
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Model Patent Jury Instructions

Updated as of July 2016

Offering a comprehensive resource and structured in "plain English", judges and lawyers will find these instructions key resources and ready for tailoring to the particular case.


PDF Download of Instructions

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FCBA Newsletter

Transitions: The Profession and Next Generations

Good spirited and collaborative approaches to transitions in the legal profession’s leadership are key to the profession’s continued health and service. Fashioning those approaches engages the bench, the bar, and the clients. Successful transition benefits the justice system through shared experience, opportunity, and growth. In this high-interest 2016 series, judges, litigators, and corporate counsel drill deeply into how all sectors of the justice delivery system are addressing this core need. Judicial roles and techniques, client interests (with respect both to the courtroom and to the board room), litigation skills and economics are among the contributing considerations. The Association is pleased to work with other organizations in this outreach, including the principal relationship with CHiPs. For district court orders encouraging Next Generation advocacy opportunities (generously compiled by CHiPs) see here and here.

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